St. Thomas


The United States Virgin Islands (USVI) is more than just an ideal destination in the Caribbean for tourists with its pristine beaches, wonderful sunshine, great duty-free shopping and intriguing historic monuments; it is also the ideal location for doing business and maximizing your company's profits.

The Virgin Islands offers a very unique tax incentives program for qualified businesses relocating to their shores through the Economic Development Commission or EDC program. Benefits for businesses in the EDC program can include up to 90% reduction in corporate income tax, 90% reduction in personal income tax, and 100% exemption on business property tax. Goods manufactured in the Virgin Islands may gain duty-free, quota-free entry into the United States. The product must be assembled from 70% or less of dutiable foreign materials and must be substantially transformed in the USVI. The 30% value-added requirement may include such soft components as profit and overhead costs. Some USVI products with as little as 10% direct processing cost can qualify for duty-free, quota-free entry into the United States and be labeled as "Made in the USA."


St Thomas USVI is the lively, busy, bustling center of the U.S. Virgin Islands. It's by far the most popular destination in the islands, and boasts the most popular cruise-ship port in the entire West Indies. In the high-season, three or four cruise ships a day dock, unloading masses of passengers who swarm over the island's shopping districts, restaurants, beaches, and sightseeing attractions. And a dozen jumbo jets a day bring hordes more visitors onto the island.

The landscape of St Thomas is dotted with houses, apartment buildings, condominiums, and resort hotels. A maze of roads criss-cross the island's interior and perimeter. It's far and away the most densely populated of the Virgin Islands, and as densely populated as anywhere in the Caribbean.

St. Thomas' main city, Charlotte Amalie, is the Capital of the USVI, and certainly one of the busiest cities in the West Indies. On the east end of the island, you'll find the bustling little town of Red Hook, the ferry port from which you can go to St John as well as the British Virgin Islands.

Although lively and bustling, you can find peace and quiet on St Thomas. There are plenty of hotels and resorts scattered along the lovely beaches of the southeastern shore and several more on the north shore. There are also a number of hotels and B&B's on the island's mountainous, picturesque interior. St Thomas also boasts several of the finest beaches anywhere in the world.

In addition, food lovers will tell you that the selection of restaurants on St Thomas is among the best anywhere in the Caribbean. There's also plenty of nightlife, both in-town and at the numerous resorts around the island. What's more, the shopping's legendary in St Thomas USVI. The island holds the undisputed title as the shopping capital of the West Indies, with three huge, major shopping areas in and around Charlotte Amalie.

As expected, there's a full range of activities available on St Thomas. You can enjoy snorkeling and scuba-diving , sailing, windsurfing, horseback riding, tennis, golf, fishing, kayaking, and sightseeing. You'll also find spas, historical attractions, and world-class views from the island's numerous steep hilltops. The abundance of activities, attractions, and beaches makes St Thomas USVI particularly suited to families with children.

All in all, there's a lot to recommend St Thomas. It's a place that has something to enjoy for just about everyone.